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    A perfect fit

    Great design matter. You know it, we know it. We bet you'll be impressed not only with it's look and feel, but also the functionalities and customization Addison can offer you. Great design is just an icing on the cake.

    For designers,
    by designers

    Addison offers various portfolio views, such as grid or tiles, and each of them can be additionally customized. Single portfolio view offers lots of freedom for designers, we know you need it. We all do.

    Many layout options

    Use various options, which you can combine in any manner desirable. Fonts, colors, icons, header, menu, content and footer layouts can all be changed. Addison adapts to your needs whenever you make a change.

    Save time,
    use Bold Builder!

    Best practices on the market collected in one page builder.

    Bold Builder comes integrated with Addison theme. Features drag and drop interface, loads of content elements, clipboard functionality and has the fastest user interface around. By far.

    Give it a try and let us know how YOU feel about it – visit its page on