Trends How does the New Normal affect the property market

June 15, 2021by Fredy0

During the first winter since the pandemic one new phenomena could be observed in many tourist bungalow compounds, apartments and even some hotels in Gran Canaria. Despite almost no tourists due to travel restrictions and quarantines you could find people spending their entire winter time there and even bringing their family and kids participating in school or university through internet in the morning. After school they then took surf lessons, played tennis, practiced other kind of outdoor sports or just hanging out at the pool.  Will some of this going to be part of the New Normal?

The New Normal 

While it does not seem so probable that schools like to keep forcing their pupils to learn remotely from home, unless there will be new serious virus outbreaks in the case of companies and even universities it seems there is a new trend to organize work and studying in such a way that employees or students will do their duties in a larger amount of time from home. 

It seems that the Coronavirus will stay for a longer period of time

Now that we are getting into the process of vaccinating great part of the world´s population it also seems quite clear that the COVID-19 will keep staying during a longer period of time or perhaps even forever in our civilization with maybe new variants popping up and spreading around which then will need to keep adapting constantly until who knows maybe one day it’ll hopefully get controlled completely. Also the world health organization has been warning continuously since many years of the risk of the appearance of new pandemics anytime in the near future. Overpopulation, social contacts and a high travel activity around the globe are key factors which make it easy for you viruses and bacteria to develop and to spread.

How does this uncertain future affect the real estate market Gran Canaria

If we compare the current situation to the last big financial crisis back in 2008 which hit Spain very heavily and during many years with a politic of money saving and cutting costs the prices of properties dropped quite significantly back then. However, this was not really true for the real estate market in the south of Gran Canaria which kept much more stable, as many foreigners from European countries kept investing. With this new crisis the property market in Spain has not suffered so much yet. And another aspect now that makes believe that properties in the south of Gran Canaria will keep having a high demand is that many people want to keep investing in properties as they like to have a second home where they are able to spend a larger amount of time especially during winter time or during possible lockdowns, etc. And even be able to manage their duties as internet is making it more and more easy. 

The big advantage of a place like Gran Canaria is that you’re staying in a European country with a very good health system and its great climate which makes it much more comfortable and easy to have good ventilation and to spend more time outdoor, two factors which have gained importance during a pandemia and of course are great for enjoying a better quality of life.

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